Athens, Greece – Temple of Zeus

Temple of Zeus

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

If you have never been to Greece before, please try to add it to the top of the visit list.  It is an amazing country with many many places 2 explore!!  Athens itself can keep you busy for a while.  Add in the Greek Islands and you can easily spend a few weeks here!!This shot is from the Temple of Zeus in Athens.  We took a tour bus to this location.  I enjoy looking at the Roman Columns.   Hope you do as well!

Here is some info from the web: The Temple of Zeus at Olympia, built in 470-456 BC, was the ancient Greek temple in Olympia, Greece, dedicated to the chief of the gods,Zeus. It was the very model of the fully-developed classical Greek temple of the Doric order. The temple stood in the most famous sanctuary of Greece, which had been dedicated to local and Pan-Hellenic deities and had probably been established towards the end of the Mycenaean period. The Altis, the enclosure with its sacred grove, open-air altars and the tumulus of Pelops, was first formed during the tenth and ninth centuries BCE, when the cult of Zeus joined the established cult of Hera.

One old Temple indeed!  Another reason to visit Greece…history alone can keep your mind going on and on!