Austin, TX – Capitol Bldg. Rotunda (HDR)

Austin Cap Rotunda HDR

Austin Rotunda 1fl HDR

Austin Rotunda Floor HDR

NIKON D300, NIkon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

The Austin, TX Capitol Building is so perfect for HDR’s!  Here is a first..I’ll call it triple vision!  The Rotunda is located at the back of the building and we went down for a few shots.  I enjoyed each of these HDR’s…so why not post em all for a different view.  Maybe you can get the feel of being there?   I like to see how the light varies a bit in each shot…depending on the angle.

I am drawn to this building…not sure how long we will live in Austin, but I will gladly shoot this subject any day!   Its now a challenge to find new ways to shoot it!   I have used a telephoto, wide angle and a fisheye…they all worked great!   I’d love to try a rain storm HDR shot one day!   Now that would be cool!   I have actually never shot in midst of a storm!   Add that to the list!!!  Hope your day is triple the fun!


5 comments on “Austin, TX – Capitol Bldg. Rotunda (HDR)

  1. Michaela Stephens says:

    Wow that is a beautiful building. I have not been to Texas in years upon years lol. Last time I was there it actually snowed. I am SmileSnapPhoto from twitter. My photo blog is

  2. Michaela Stephens says:

    Oops sorry
    lol. Blame my tiredness this morning. =]

  3. Dave Wilson says:

    Very effective triptych Pete! I’ve shot the middle one before but not the other two. Looks like I’ll have to head down there again with the 10-20mm some time 🙂

    • Dave, thanks! I shot all angles…they all were solid! So the triple effect post was a perfect solution! I’d like to try it with a fisheye at nite! Now that would be cool! I need to rent that lens again! =)

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