Painted Blanket (HDR)

PBlanket HDR 02-small

NIKON D300, Nikon 105 Macro, HDR in Photomatix

After a few rainy days here in Austin, I noticed some wildflowers growing in our garden.  The rain had ended and the cloud cover was still overhead.  A great time to shoot flowers!  I had never shot a flower in HDR…so here was my chance.  With a few small sprinkles landing on my camera, I set up my tripod and cable release…took 5 exposures.  I tried a few angles and shooting up close and further away.  I wanted to show texture of the flower and thought the colors would work well in HDR.   So here it first ever attempted flower HDR!    A couple drops of water on the edge of the flower added a nice effect.  After seeing this finalized shot…flowers are pretty cool as HDR!   It was also the first time I used my macro lens to produce an HDR.  A day of firsts!  Experimentation is what photogrpaphy is all about!  Enjoy!


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