Frankfurt, Germany – Main (Hauptbahnhof)

Frankfurt Main HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof  (usually translated from German as Frankfurt (Main) Central Station, short form: Frankfurt (Main) Hbf) is the central station for Frankfurt am Main. In terms of railway traffic, it is the busiest railway station in Germany.  I travel into Germany a few times a year and am always going through the Main station.

My hotel this nite was only 2 blocks away and I wanted to get a shot of the station.  As it was quiet at around 10 PM and the guards were bored and kept a close eye on me.  I could tell they were ready to tell me to leave so I snapped only a few photos.  I really wanted to get an HDR, but didn’t have the chance to get one.

So the photo above is an HDR of the Main station using 1 RAW photo!  I converted the photo to +2,+1,0,-1,-2 (5 copies) and post processed in Photomatix!   Not bad!  As there are no moving parts in the photo (clouds, etc..) a single RAW photo conversion into an HDR is ok!   I rarely do such a style…but sometimes it can work!

When traveling in Germany get used to saying Hauptbahnhof (train) & Flughafen (airport).  Once you have mastered these…you can get around easily!!   auf Wiedersehen!!


5 comments on “Frankfurt, Germany – Main (Hauptbahnhof)

  1. Dave Wilson says:

    Another great shot but I have a question. Why do you convert your raw into 5 individual images then import into Photomatix when you can just open the raw directly in Photomatix and have it take advantage of the original dynamic range of the file? I pull the raw directly into Photomatix and it seems to do a pretty good job.

    The only reason I can think of to do it the “take a high dynamic range raw, generate 5 low dynamic range JPEGs, reassemble them into a single high dynamic range image” approach is that Lightroom or Photoshop do a better job of rendering the image from the original RAW than Photomatix does (the guys at HDRSoft even admit this, hence the Lightroom plug-in which renders in Lightroom before passing TIFFs to Photomatix).

    • Dave, hiya! I do it just for my ease. I’m sure there are other ways. This way seems easy to me! If I make 5 copies of the same raw file, then process…Photomatix recognizes that the exposure is all the same, then it gives me a breakdown chart…I then convert each file to the exposure I want (+2,+1, 0,-1,-2) in the chart. From here I produce my HDR…then tone map.

      Sometimes, this leads to extra noise. So I reduce (Check mark button) in Photomatix and and if needed in my noise reduction software. This is how I completed this single raw file into HDR!

      I have tried a few..and if there is open a sky (especially at night)…there may be too much noise for a good photo. This is why its better to use 5 proper RAW files!

      Let me know if this helps! Pete

  2. I want to go there. I need to brush up on my German. I have only been to Austria.

  3. I want to go there. I need to brush up on my German. I have only been to Austria. Austria is beautiful too.

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