Austin, Texas – House of Representatives (HDR)

HofRep Ceiling HDR - Austin

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

Took a few hours off yesterday morning and met up with fellow Austinite Photographer  – Jim Nix (his photo blog is Nomadic Pursuits) downtown for a photo session.  We walked around the Capitol Building (standard practice for photographers in Austin) and then took a walk over to St. Mary’s Church for some shots. I will post some more photos from this day soon.   Got a couple solid HDR’s!

While we were in the Capitol Building we walked into the House of Representatives room.  I have posted a shot or two from here.   We were up on the second level and thought the ceiling would be a cool HDR!.  It has a wonderful look to it.  I set up my tripod and took 5 exposures with a cable release and post processed in Photomatix.  It looked solid, but then I decided to flip it upside down in Photoshop and see how it looks.    Not bad!   Sometimes its good to think outside the box!

It was enjoyable shooting with Jim and we planned another trip downtown for some night shots of Austin….hopefully in the next month or so.  Hope your day doesn’t get turned upside down!


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