Brussels, Belgium – Grand Place (HDR)

Brussels Building HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

This photo is from the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium.  While walking around this beautiful square, I looked up and saw these wonderful statues on this one building.  The gold color was perfect with the stone background.   I zoomed in and took this hand held with 5 exposures.  When I walked down after lunch, I didn’t carry my tripod and decided to shoot hand held.  This is one of my first hand held HDR’s in a while!  Sometimes you get lucky…as long as you can keep it steady!!!

Thes statues are located on the HOUSES OF THE DUKES OF BRABANT (This is actually a group of 7 houses, each with a different name. The ensemble is called “The Dukes of Brabant” because on the first floor, under the windows, the statues of the dukes can be seen. No duke or king actually lived here. The names of the houses are: The FAME – The HERMIT – The FORTUNE – The WINDMILL – The TIN POT – The HILL – The BEURS )

Houses - Belgium These are the houses on the picture to the left.   If you see the first house on the left…this is where you will see these wonderful statues…right next to that flag.   Have a Grand Day!