Orlando, FL – Disney World

Disney World - Dancing Broomsticks

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

What kid or adult does not like Disney?  This was taken a year or so ago at the Disney World Parade along main street.  They are the dancing broomsticks or are they mops?   One thing they are is colorful!  Imagine dancing the street in that costume during the summer!   Whew!!  Kudos to those guys and gals.

This parade during the day or nite is so special.  It will bring a smile to you face no matter what age you are!  Grab a seat and watch all the characters walk on by…and you might even see Mickey Mouse!


2 comments on “Orlando, FL – Disney World

  1. Victoria says:

    Found your blog through Jason St. Peter’s 50% Chance of Rain blog… these are the mops (with buckets) who worked on mopping up the flood created by Mickey Mouse (I think) in Fantasia. At least, that’s what I seem to recall…

    Your blog is lovely and I’m amazed at some of the photos. I’ve enjoyed looking at the IR photos as well as the travel photos of places I’ve visited and places I have yet to see!

    • Victoria, thanks! Glad you found my blog! I try to keep posting my best pics and hope they are enjoyed by all! I always appreciate feedback! Thanks for the scoops! I wasnt sure what movie they were from! Now you have solved it! =) Have fun and always enjoy! Pete

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