Pittsburgh, PA – Heinz Chapel (IR-HDR)

Heinz Chapel HDR IR

NIKON D70S (Modified by LifePixel), Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

I was thinking about HDR in IR and here is a shortcut attempt.  Here is how it was accomplished:  I took the initial IR photo as normal.  Brought the raw file into photoshop and did my standard IR touchup (channel mixer/levels/hue-saturation).  After I was happy with the shot…I made 5 copies of it on my hard drive.

I opened all 5 files in Photomatix for an HDR process.  The message comes up and and says that the exposures on certain files are the same.  It opens a spread sheet and from here I change the desired exposure range from +2 to -2.  After this is completed I process the HDR!   The tone mapping complete..I opened the jpeg file in Photoshop and did some touch up….added a filter in Silver Efex Pro and this is my HDR-IR photo!

Not a bad look for super processed.  It lacks that full HDR feel…but has a little look of it.    This is a shortcut way to make any single exposure into an HDR.  A good technique for action HDR shots – no motion blur!  I have seen this method on HDR sports shots, etc…  I never really use this method, but I am eager to see and HDR-IR.  This was step one….next step will be a full blown HDR-IR post it when I take it!   Enjoy!