La Jolla, CA – Infrared Pines

La Jolla, CA PinesIR

NIKON D70S (Modified by LifePixel), Nikon 18-200 VR

Maybe its time for a run of Infrared shots!  Even though my backpack is a bit heavier, I do enjoy having my converted D70S with me on my trips!   I usually only take 40-50 IR shots on a trip and hope for at least 3-5 to turn out well!   My methods and learning curve have increased, but I have a long way to go in becoming an IR master.

I still have tons of techniques and subjects to try.  I am eager to try an HDR IR soon.  Unfortunately, my D70S can only take 3 bracketed shots.  I assume a semi cloudy day might work best?   Look for a post in the future!    This shot was taken in la Jolla mid day…not sure what type of pine tree this is…but it looks great in IR.  Is it X-Mas time?