News!: Coffee Table Book, HDR E-Zine, Texas Monthly Mag

A couple projects in the works coming soon…

1) Places 2 Explore – Coffee Table Book:  A nice photo book of my best travel pictures available in a size of 13″ x 11″ will be available for purchase….details on this soon!  Hope to have it ready in a few weeks!

2) HDR Digital Review (HDR):  I am planning on putting out an E-Zine with a few great HDR artists where we post HDR photos and technique to achieve the HDR. This way people learning HDR can view different methods and styles, while seeing some great photos!  I am planning to have it available as a e-mailer in PDF format.     This may take until later this year to get the first issue out.  It may start out as quarterly and we will go from there.  If you are reading this and want to get in on the “early” mailer list…just email me at and please put “HDR Digital Review” in the subject header.  As it gets close to fruition, I will make a few more updated posts.   If you are a digital artist and would like to try to make a cover design (recognition will be noted on every cover)…email me rough ideas!  Thanks!

3) Austin Bat Photo – my photograph of the Austin bats will be published in the upcoming Texas Monthly Magazine (October 2009 issue).  I’ll post details when it is available!

Until then, thanks for reading Places 2 Explore!!!

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2 comments on “News!: Coffee Table Book, HDR E-Zine, Texas Monthly Mag

  1. A friend urged me to read this website, brill post, fascinating read… keep up the cool work!

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