Cleveland, Ohio – Fountain of Eternal Life (HDR)

Cleveland - Fountain of Eternal Life (HDR)

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

While in Cleveland I happened to look out my hotel window when I checked in to my room….just out front was this fountain.  I decided to head out for a few shots when it became dark.  I had no idea what the fountain looked like, I could only see it partially from the side in the hotel.  I walked only 50 yards and witnessed this fountain lit up at night.  Very nice!  It is called the Fountain of Eternal Life…beautiful!

Here is some info from the web:  The Fountain of Eternal Life, also known as the War Memorial Fountain and Peace Arising from the Flames of War, is a statue and fountain in Cleveland, Ohio designed by Cleveland Institute of Art graduate Marshall Fredericks and dedicated on May 30, 1964. The sculpture, which serves as the city’s major memorial to its citizens that served in World War II, is situated on Memorial Plaza, which is part of the Cleveland Mall.

The fountain was initiated and promoted by the Cleveland Press, which raised $250,000 in donations from private citizens and various organizations for the project. The centerpiece is a 35-foot (10.7 m) bronze figure representing man escaping from the flames of war and reaching skyward for eternal peace. The bronze sphere from which the figure rises represents the superstitions and legends of mankind. Four granite carvings, representing the geographic civilizations of the world, are placed around the sphere. On the surface of the polished granite rim surrounding the fountain are bronze plates bearing the names of 4,177 Greater Clevelanders who perished in WWII and in the Korean War. Following a complete restoration during the construction of an underlying parking garage in connection with the neighboring Key Tower, the memorial was rededicated on Veterans Day in 1991.

Fountains are great subjects at nite for HDR..  I took my traditional 5 exposures, tripod and cable release.  It was a bit windy this nite and I had to keep wiping off my lens as the spray form the fountain kept blowing in my direction.  Cleveland has some great photo opportunities I had no idea about.  I only had a few hours, so I plan to go back soon and get some more photos of Cleveland. Like they say “Cleveland Rocks!”

6 comments on “Cleveland, Ohio – Fountain of Eternal Life (HDR)

  1. This is a pretty cool photo!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Thank you for this beautiful photo and info. I had to do a report on a memorial and your work not only helped me, but it deepened my appreciation for such a lovely work of art. My uncle is one of the WWII veterans listed on this memorial, so it has special meaning to me.

  3. cleveland…

    Cleveland, Ohio – Fountain of Eternal Life (HDR) « Places 2 Explore…

  4. sunny says:

    I’m not sure why you were so surprised to find this beautiful statue in Cleveland, OH. We have tons of beautiful statues as well as museums and miles of beautiful areas that warrant a visit.

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