Austin, Texas – Capitol Building (HDR)

Austin Capitol Dizzy HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 10.5 Fisheye, HDR in Photomatix

I had one last nite with the fisheye before I had to send it back to LensRentals.   I decided to head downtown to get some sunset shots of the Capitol Building.  It worked out great…as I pulled up and a quick downpour arrived.  I knew by the clouds it would pass by and hopefully give me some nice clouds for any HDR.

I took a few shots inside the building with the fisheye.  Not bad, but it would be better inside with full sun in the afternoon as it would light up the dome better.  My target was to take the Capitol building form the back at sunset.  A little before 8 PM I ventured out back and set up my tripod.   In the back section of the building there is a wonderful rotunda.  I figured with a fisheye – anything circular – I would be able to capture a big part of this area in the photo.    I took quite a few shots and just decided to tilt the camera and see what it looked like.  I got this very dizzying photo!  Kinda cool!   That why its always good to move around and try different angles!  You never know what you will get!   Hope your head isn’t spinning after seeing this shot!   Enjoy!

2 comments on “Austin, Texas – Capitol Building (HDR)

  1. […] I got the idea of shooting the Texas Capitol reverse rotunda in this manner after seeing Pete Talke’s awesome photo here. […]

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