Newport Beach, California – Pier (HDR)

Newport Pier HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

We used to live in Orange County, CA a few years back.  This was before I became serious about my photography.  Now when we travel back to visit family…it makes me think how we took this area for granted.  Truthfully, any area you live, you probably take for granted.  Look around and I bet there are tons of photo opportunities!!!   But back to SoCal (Southern California)…I do miss this place…it was my favorite place to live and we are trying to get back in a few years.  I moved for job reasons and hope to do the same this time around!

Now when we get back once or twice a year, I always make sure to get a few photographs.  I plan ahead and target the shots I want.  Kinda what I do for every trip.  As I noted in previous posts, I make a list of shots and try to get to all of them….of course my lists are realistic as I dont have tons of time and try to at least get to my top 3!  …and shoot the heck out of each location!  Ya never know if a better angle will give a nicer feel to the picture?  So always experiment.

I really love the beaches of SoCal!   The water is cold, but the scenery is amazing!   I’ll post more details on Newport later this week with another photo.  But this Saturday morning I woke up early and hit the beach around 6:45 AM.  Even at this hour this one market was crowded and as I walked onto the beach next to this pier…I’d say at least 3o surfers were already out trying to catch a wave!   Amazing!!!   As soon I saw all the surfers I had wished for that new Nikon 70-200 VRII lens to arrive!  I’d really enjoy a day shooting surfers!   Look for it next year…hopefully!!

So my main target this day was the pier.  I parked near and walked up to it.  It is quite beautiful when the sunrise was hitting the wood!  You can tell by the picture above!  I tried shooting many angles.  But since my first pier shot a few months ago in Myrtle Beach…the best shots are from in the water.  My poor tripod again was about a foot deep in the Pacific Ocean and was key to this HDR!  I know the time is limited on my tripod joints as the seawater will take its toll soon.   I should for the next pier shots wrap each tripod leg in a garbage bag and rubberband it tight.  It will save me form getting a new tripod again soon.  That is my tip of the day!

I really like the HDR effect on these “under” the pier shots.   I will keep looking for piers anytime I am near a beach!  So this shot was on a tripod, cable release and 5 exposures…post processed in Photomatix with some touchup in Photshop.   I basically always us a cable release even during the day…keeps the photos sharp!   Enjoy!  Life is a Beach!

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