Fractalius: Bird

Fractalius - Bird

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, Fractalius (Plug In)

Here is a post I call Fractalius Fun!  I have posted a few photos before using this plug in…this is one of my favorites.   The plug in is produced by Redfield.  I posted the Las Vegas sign, a flower and a ballon using this plug in.  Flowers and Animals seem to be the best subjects.  But with photography feel free to experiment and you may find something new and exciting!   I took the bird photo and blacked out the background.  Then applied the plug in.  Black background using Fractalius gives the effect some strength.  One of my goals is to someday shoot an eagle…I would imagine this majesctic animal would be perfect for a Fractalius effect!   Enjoy!