Cars: Ferrari (HDR)

Ferrari HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

I have been eager to take an HDR of a car (nice one) for a while.  While we were in La Jolla, CA having dinner last week I saw this lovely Ferrari drive down the street.  We finished dinner and saw it was parked a short walk away.   I crouched down and took 5 exposures hand held and post processed it in Photomatix.  I was happy with the outcome and tried a few filters in Color Efex Pro 3.0.  This one gave the photo some pop!  So you are seeing my first automobile HDR!  A good start!  I have been looking for a local car show here in Texas.  It will be in my area in October!  I plan to HDR the heck outta that show!  Enjoy the Ferrari red!

2 comments on “Cars: Ferrari (HDR)

  1. Philip Heard says:

    Awesome image! No tripod either, you outdid yourself on this one!

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