San Antonio, Texas – The Alamo Walkway (HDR)

Alamo Walkway HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

This photo is from about a month ago when we visited the Alamo.  I have always seen this walkway and wanted to photograph it.  If you are looking straight at the Alamo it is located directly to the right.  The building at the end of this walkway in the photo is the Alamo.   As it was mid day…I had to sit and wait for a bit until the people traffic subsided.  I snapped away and took 5 exposures hand held and post processed in Photomatix.   I’m sure this spot has been photographed many many times…the HDR version gives it a nice look!    When it cools down here in texas…I’d like to go back to San Antonio and get some more photos of the local missions.   This day it was about 105 degrees…and I wanted to take a few photos and find some air condition!    Hope you are keeping cool this summer!

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