Brussels, Belgium – Petit Sablon Garden (HDR)

Brussels, Belgium, Garden HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

Here is a nice view of Brussels, Belgium.  It was a complete suprise to me!  I grabbed a city map from my hotel this day and had a 20 minute walk to the Grand Place.  I was told to walk down this street that would take me direct to the city center.   Halfway there, I walked down some steps and to my suprise…here was the view!  Just beyond the buildings on the far right is where the Grand Place is located…another 5-10 minute walk.  Brussels is lovely!!!

Here is some info on found on this location on the web:  Almost halfway between the Royal Park and the small garden of Petit Sablon, you find an extraordinary area.  It is also an ideal way to get from the lower city centre (Grote Markt) to the higher Part of Brussels (Coudenberg).  In this neighbourhood you find all kind of museums, concert halls, theatres and historical monuments.  Coming from the Albertina plein (Place de l’Albertine) you can walk up via the stairs in the small park, and like this you will reach the museum area.

I am eager to return to Brussels again…more sights to see.  I did not even get to visit my next goal…Atomium.  Click there to check out this amazing looking place.  I won’t waffle about visiting there next time!