Places 2 Explore – 50,000 Visitors!!!

I just wanted to thank every visitor to Places 2 Explore!  I reached 50,000 today in only my first 5 months!    A great start to this blog!   If you are an everyday, once a week, part time or only one time visitor – I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog.  It is a great pleasure to post almost everyday a photo I have enjoyed from my travels.  I hope you are enjoying the photos, stories and information.  Its nice to interact with any of you that have posted comments.  I’ll try to repsond to anyone that posts a comment or question. 

The top 5 posts on my site (hits) are: 1. Las vegas NYNY Hotel HDR  2. NYC Times Square HDR  3. Tampa, FL HDR  4. SF Golden gate Bridge HDR  5. SF – Japanese Tea garden HDR.   I think I see a trend of HDR enjoyment.  I agree!  It is my favorite style to shoot.   My HDR Tutorial has become my top viewed link!   Thanks for viewing…hope it has been helping! 

Don’t forget Talke Photography is on Facebook and Twitter!   I’d enjoy having you become a fan or follow!   Every photo posted here is updated on these sites!   Thanks again for visiting and making Places 2 Explore one of the fastest growing Travel Photo Blogs today!!!

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One comment on “Places 2 Explore – 50,000 Visitors!!!

  1. johnny says:

    Hello. Thank you for this great info! Keep up the good job!

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