Baseball – New York Yankees

Baseball - Hideki Matsui

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

It is almost August and in the US this means the playoff races begin in Major League Baseball.   These days sports are a business, so if your team has the money, you can win championships.  In the American League its always the Yankees and Red Sox battling it out.   I do enjoy the matchups!   Two teams filled with great rosters!  Occassionaly a cinderella story team like the Tampa Rays will somehow make it in….like last year.

I am a Pittsburgh Pirates fan…we have had 17 staright seasons of losing baseball.  Maybe one day while I am alive my Bucs will be that Cinderella team??   Doubtful!  But I can have hope!  Most of my family and friends are Yankee fans…so I will give them their due…they have another solid team this year.  So lets see how October plays out in 2009?? 

This photo is from Spring Training in Florida this past year.  It was just a standard photo and I added a motion blur in Photoshop (very easy to do) around Hikedi Matsui to give his running out of the batters box a little flair. Another photo tomorrow…1-2-3 strikes I’m out!


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