Milan, Italy – The Galleria

Milan, Italky - Galleria

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

I just had some pizza and it brought back a memory of my favorate pizza in the world!  Any pizza from Italy!   LOL  I will not make it to Italy this year and usually get to Milan once a year.   From my last post Milan is not the most beautiful city in Italy…but it is known for the best shopping at the Galleria!   A bit expensive for my taste…but a nice place to visit if you are ever in Milan. 

Here is a shot I took hand held from about 2 years ago.  I gave it the sepia look to make that old world feel.  Look at all those people shopping!  Other than the Duomo and the Galleria…oh yes, the painting “The Last Supper”…move on to the next city…Pisa and/or Florence are close!   Not sure if you can find a Pizza Hut in Italy!  Enjoy!


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