London, England – Trafalgar Square (HDR)

London, England - Lion HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

Here is an HDR photo taken at Trafalgar Square early one morning a few weeks back.   It was quiet at the square and I wanted to somehow fit Big Ben into the picture.  It such a nice view from Trafalgar to look down the street and see such an icon.  I took this with my standard tripod, cable release and 5 exposures.   The lens did a great job creating a bit of bokeh (background blur) with the buildings.  

I saw a few more HDR books at my local Barnes & Noble today.   This great style of photography is growing indeed!!   One was $40.00 (HDR Photography Photo Workshop – Pete Carr).  Way too much inside and looked kinda average.  To me when I get a book on photography, I want and easy technical read and some great photos!   The photos I see from such a book should inspire….no luck here!   In my HDR Tutorial I mention my favorite book that got me started with HDR.   Enjoy!

2 comments on “London, England – Trafalgar Square (HDR)

  1. robot skate says:

    we have two of those out front of our post office in our small town…brantford

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