London, England – Trafalgar Square (HDR)

London, England - Lion HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

Here is an HDR photo taken at Trafalgar Square early one morning a few weeks back.   It was quiet at the square and I wanted to somehow fit Big Ben into the picture.  It such a nice view from Trafalgar to look down the street and see such an icon.  I took this with my standard tripod, cable release and 5 exposures.   The lens did a great job creating a bit of bokeh (background blur) with the buildings.  

I saw a few more HDR books at my local Barnes & Noble today.   This great style of photography is growing indeed!!   One was $40.00 (HDR Photography Photo Workshop – Pete Carr).  Way too much inside and looked kinda average.  To me when I get a book on photography, I want and easy technical read and some great photos!   The photos I see from such a book should inspire….no luck here!   In my HDR Tutorial I mention my favorite book that got me started with HDR.   Enjoy!

Photomatix 3.2 Update – Now available!

LogoPhotomatix  For those of you using HDRSoft’s Photomatix ….you can now log onto their website and download the new updated version of Photomatix 3.2.   Some new changes are  1. New Smoothing Algorithm  2. New Highlight and Shadow Smoothness behavior   3. New Preview size options  4. Multi Processor Utilization  5. Improved alignment      Also looks visually updated.  Go get your update today if you are into HDR processing!    Dont forget the 15% discount for anyone buying Photomatix…use code “Places2Explore”.   Happy HDR’ing!

Orlando, FL – Gatorland (HDR)

Gatorland Lunch HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

Since we visited Gatorland last week, I wanted to tell you about a good laugh I had this day.    I was across the way taking bird photos and saw from the distance this area where they feed the gators in the lake.  As I walked near, the are was fenced off area with a few people inside.  My interest grew as I walked up to the fence about 25 feet from the gators.  I think you can buy a full experience ticket and you get to get real close to the gators.  From what I have heard you can have a photo opportunity riding one (its mouth taped shut) and/or this shot here.   You squat near these cute large fellows and they have a photographer taking your snapshot. 

This isnt my best HDR above…I had to do it hand held through a shaky fence as there were other people watching also…but the effect gives you some texture on the gators. 

Gatorland Photo Op     So back to photo op.  As you can see a trainer is behind the girls here taking the photo.Now if you can see these gators are about 5-8 feet behind them.  I am sure they are trained, but whew…thats scary!  All the trainer has is that long stick you can see in the photo.  Is that enough to stop an 8+ foot gator charging?  Probably not.    Look at all those hungry gators!  After I took this picture…the the Gatorland photographer snaps away and says ok after she is done….here is the fun part…. 

As soon as she says ok….the trainer takes his stick (unbeknownst to the girls sitting near the gators) rustles the leaves behind him (so it sounds like the gators are coming for them) and yells…look out!!!!!  Those 2 girls jumped to the moon!!!!!!   I was cracking up!    I think they may have needed depends after that one!    So it was a good laugh for everyone!    Kudos to Gatorland…witnessing that made my day! 

I guess when you are working at a theme park you need to create some fun!   Hope you have some today as well!