Myrtle Beach, SC – Umbrellas (HDR)

MB Umbrellas HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

Per my messages from yesterday, I was going to post another pier shot, but decided to post a nice beach HDR shot instead!  I’ll save that pier shot for another day.  Hey it is Myrtle  “Beach”.  Let me tell you about this wonderful vacation spot!    If you are into Golf…MB has plenty of courses for you!   Or if you are visiting with family as we were – it’s perfect!   I thought after 5 days we neede more time in MB.  The beaches are wonderful and the water was very warm…actually warmer than our hotel pool!  Our little one collected shells and built sand castles – we even got out and did some boogie boarding on the waves!

Nice family style restarants are everywhere.  Some great seafood dining is  located in Murrells Inlet (about 15 mins south of the airport).  Oh yes, the airport is very small and cute.  Only a few baggage claim areas and out the door across the street you will find the car rentals!  Easy in and easy out!   Lots of hotels all over…but book early…during the summer it might be tough to get the exact location you are looking for.   We stayed at the Hilton in North Myrtle Beach – not bad $140/nite!   For a fun day of shopping/movies/eating…you can stop on by Broadway at the Beach.    You can spend a whole day there easliy!    Lots to see and do in MB!

As for this photo….it was taken the same morning as the pier shot.   I finished up the sunrise shots and wanted to get a photo of the beach umbrellas before it became too crowded.  At 8 AM the 2 hotel lifeguards arrived and had to put out each chair and umbrella – tough job!  For each umbrella they have to dig a hole (with a tool) and then place the umbrella inside.  So many to do!!!  I watched this poor guy and gal do this for 1 hour!  Then finally at 9 AM it was photo opportunity time!  The sun was rising and I took a few shots and decided what was the best angle.  I liked this one as the umbrellas look like they are never ending.   I finished my shots and then sat in one of those chairs and watched the waves roll in and relaxed!