Myrtle Beach, SC – Under the Pier (HDR)

Myrtle Beach, SC - Under the Pier HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

We were on vacation last week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and stayed for 5 days.  I must say this is one great place to vacation and it is not very expensive.  I’ll add another post tomorrow (full pier shot) and tell you about all the great things to do in Myrtle Beach.  We had a great time.  As long you enjoy the beach/pool/shopping/going to dinner….add Myrlte to the list of Places 2 Explore!

So we were here 5 days…the first few I slept in and enjoyed relaxing.  I really wanted one day to go out at sunrise and get some photos.  I woke up one morning – too cloudy – no luck!  So I set my alarm at 5:15 AM and got out this past Weds.  It was still dark with a hint of orange in the sky.  From our hotel in North Mytle Beach it was about a 10 minute walk to this pier.  At 6 AM the sun rose and a few people were venturing out for early AM walks on the beach.   I had my tripod ready to go with a cable release and started taking shots of the pier.  It turned out to be a perfect sunrise this day!

I always wanted to get that shot from underneath the pier with the silky water.  I did get a few but the sky was a bit blown out.  Thats why I tried it as an HDR as well!  The tide was coming in and I had my sandals on and headed into the water.  I was in almost up to my knees and set up the tripod held on tight as the waves washed back and wanted to grab hold of my rig.  As the sand moved below the tripod with every returning wave…I had to take the shots as the tide was coming up towards me.  I took a few versions and this one caught my eye after post processing.

After I finished my shot and walked back to the hotel….it was time to cleanup the tripod…lots of sand and water got in the grooves!   But well worth it!  I had fun working under the pier.   So look for more of these type shots to be a-pier-ing on my blog in the future!