Orlando, Florida – Gatorland – IR (Infrared)

Orlando, Florida - Gatorland IR

NIKON D70S, (Modfied IR by LifePixel), Nikon 18-70

I was just in Orlando this past weekend and had a chance to head back to Gatorland with the family and friends.  We went early around 11 AM…but it was still hot!  The good thing is that is was not too crowded.  I think our 5 year old wanted to play in the splashpark for the remainder of the day as soon as she saw a few gators and got her fill.  We had fun and stayed til about 2 PM.   This time I had my IR camera with me and the bird Rookery was still filled with birds!  Some babies were just learning to fly.  I took this shot of an Egret perched high above checking out the scene.   I enjoyed my second visit to Gatorland.  I hope to go back in Feb and hope to get a photographers pass.  With this you can get in after hours and easily use your tripod…as everyone else there is shooting birds just like you!   I did hear on the announcements while we walked around….that at the food area….you can get some gator to eat!   Hmmm….no thanks!   I will drink some Gatorade after a hot day though!  Have fun!