TuningDay2009 Ad

It is always fun to see how your pictures are utilized.  Here is a recent cool shot that is for TuningDay2009 in Europe!  They took my SF Golden Gate Bridge Photo…added a highway and car via Photoshop and made a advertisement!  Great work!    They wanted to show their car driving in an inconic area of the US.    Here is the orginal shot…


Please feel free to contact me any time for photo usage!

2 comments on “ADVERTISEMENT: TuningDay 2009

  1. Ee Wen Ting says:

    Hi! I love your photographs! I am inspired to learn more about HDR photography now. How did you get the colors of your pictures to pop? The skies are so blue, the grass are so green, and the colors of the buildings so nice! Is it because of the camera you used? I have heard that Nikon has better color output than Canon. Do you know?

    • Ee Wen Ting, thanks so much! An HDR is solid due to 3 reasons…1) Proper Light 2) Composition 3) Post Process Ability All very important. But anyone can take an HDR, its the post process that is key! I use NIK Software via Adobe CS4. I use NIK Software – DFine, Sharpener and Viveza now with every shot! As for camera’s Nikon or Cannon are equally good. I prefer Nikon’s. In my opinion, the optics are better! =) I am hoping in the next month or so to video a session of one of my HDR’s and post it here. Check back soon! Thanks! Pete

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