Munich, Germany – Olympic Park – IR (Infrared)

Munich Olympic Park - IR

NIKON D70S (Modified IR by LifePixel), Nikon 18-70

I had a free evening to enjoy Munich and planned to visit the Olympic Park.  The objective was the soccer field for some HDR’s.  I arrived at 7 PM and unfortunately the gates were closed to the soccer stadium.  Looks like a great spot for and HDR…one day I will get back.  So then I decided to walk around the park and enjoy the scenery. 

In the Olympic Park they have a concert hall, swimming hall, tennis courts, great internal roads (for bike riding, roller blading, jogging, etc…)  It was a beautiful nite, so there were lots of people having a great time.  There are also a few lakes and as I walked by this one, the sun was very bright and the reflections on the water were wonderful!  I figured a good time for an IR shot! 

I took this shot and post processed in Photoshop.  I played around with the hues and liked the sky in red.  A nice contrast to the white trees.  I really enjoy experimenting different shots with my IR camera….but standard lake photos with trees are a must!!!  Enjoy!