London, England – Westminster Abbey – Infrared

Westminster Abbey IR

NIKON D70S (Modified IR by LifePixel), Nikon 18-70

The sun finnaly came out in the UK and I had my chance to take some IR (Infrared) shots!  I have a few Big Ben IR’s…I’ll save them for later – I do not want to make this a Big Ben photo blog – although it is a great subject!  Big Ben was probably the most photographed spot for me this past week. 

This photo is of Westmintster Abbey.  It is located right next to the Parliment Building/Big Ben.  There is not much around it…so I wanted to make sure to get a little bit of this tree in the shot to add to the IR effect.   The sun was setting around 7 Pm and was very bright.  It made the Wesminster Abbey light up in IR!   I have had a great time in London.  I’ll keep posting more pics!  Enjoy!