Austin, TX – House of Representatives – HDR

House of Rep TX - HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

I’ll keep my Austin run just for another day or so as I had a few nice shots form my quick visit.  During my visit to downtown I met with fellow Austinite & HDR photographer – Trey Ratcliff.  Trey has some amazing work you must check out!    I’d put him #1 in my book as far as HDR photographers go!  

Before I met with Trey, I had an hour to take take some Capitol Building shots.  I played around outside for about 30 minutes with my IR camera (it was already 92 degrees and hot!).  So to cool off I wandered inside and took a few traditional shots inside the building.  I wanted something different and asked the guard if there was an open room with seating to visit.   He told me about the House of Representatives in the North Wing!  I took a quick walk and wandered into this great room!  It would be wonderful to sit in a session one day!  As I sat there, all I could think about was the history and what went on here years past.

I set up my tripod and took this shot with 5 exposures and a cable release.  I thought the wood and leather chairs would make a solid HDR.  I post processed with Photomatix and just a little extra was needed in photoshop!  It was time to head out – Meeting Adjourned!