REVIEW: Image Wizards (Images printed on aluminum)

Image Wizards Sample The picture to the right is my first ever image printed on Aluminum!   Thanks to Image Wizards!    Here is what the web site states – AluminArte is high definition, photographic imaging on aluminum using a unique, imaging technology we have been involved in since its beginnings. Unlike imaging processes that print on top of a coating applied to the paper, our process embeds the image into the coated finish of the aluminum. The result is a much wider gamut of colors that are richer and brighter than traditional professional grade prints with unmatched depth of field.

Here is my review of AluminArte – I ordered the print at a size of 20″x30″.  Typically all of my canvas prints are the same size so I wanted to keep this picture similar.   It arrived in some seriouos packaging!  It should..the cost of this print was $187.00 (just for the print – no frame).   The thickness is about 1-2mm.  It seems very sturdy and just like thin aluminum you can give it the shake and make that cool sound!   I decided to go with the glossy version in order to make the colors pop.    I must say the photo quality and colors are very nice – but a high def feel – just a little bit.  The photo above does not do it true justice. 

Worth the high price tag?  My canvas prints in the same size are about $140’ish.   So $50 more for it on aluminum – I’d say no.  I still have to put some kind of mount on the back.  I will try to make it look like a “standout” pic.   Image Wizards sent me a sales package with some other samples.  I must admit the black & white shot on aluminum looked great!!!! 

So as something different and cool – I’d say yes.  If the price tag was about $130 total for this size it would be a nice additional option.   So price was my only drawback.  You can check out the site and see the size/price ranges available.  I am happy with the photo, it will look pretty cool on my office wall – and I can tell people its printed on Aluminum!   Harry Potter would give Image Wizards a 7.5 out of 10.

7 comments on “REVIEW: Image Wizards (Images printed on aluminum)

  1. Cindy says:

    Do you know any other print place that does aluminum art?? Maybe somewhere closer to California??

  2. qua says:

    try Magna Chrome in california . great review by someone posting on dpreview. their prices are about $138 for a 2×30 ready to hang. I’m a bit nervous about high gloss or HD look for my landscapes which I usually have printed on a large epson inkjet printer (very pleased with those). also nervous about color or brightness compared to my color corrected monitor. May try a small print first just to boost my confidence.

  3. Doug Dolde says:

    Be careful if you have a deadline and aren’t close to them. I live in California and paid $108.80 to get two 16×20 prints shipped. This did include proofs, but they had plenty of time so could have shipped ground. Basically I’m paying for their lack of planning.

    I like MagnaChrome better. The service is more personal, prices generally less, and two day UPS ground. Bay Photo is OK but rather impersonal compared to the other two.

    All these companies want too much for framing; buy a bare print and frame it yourself

  4. I have been using Magna Chrome for over a year and they have produced some amazing results. I order larger sized prints and they have delivered high quality work.

  5. gthroop says:

    ImageWizards sucks. I received a print with next day delivery when I did not ask for that service and was charged $131 for shipping a $99 print, a week after I received it. I did not approve sending next day, she didn’t notify me that she was sending it next day, nor how much it would cost. There is NO way I would have approved $131 shipping! The customer service is horrendous, she blamed me and said I told her a date that I never said, and managed to not hear me specifically say that I did not want to incur any rush charges.

    The entire operation seems very back-handed and the primary sentence that I have heard from ImageWizards is that they are NOT to blame. Now they are threatening to pull back a reprint from UPS that I have already paid for to pay for the other print, even after I agreed to pay the full amount! She insisted I pay for it immediately or she would return the re-print and I went on to pay for it and their online pay system won’t work.

    Even before this, the 3rd print I got from them arrived completely desaturated and green and was unusable, I had to pay 50% to get it reprinted and pay for shipping again. In all fairness I did not get a proof, so I was happy with the 50% priced reprint, but after initiating the conversation with that, she pointed out that I was “100% to blame”, while I’m trying to pay for it.

    They suck.

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