Orlando, FL – Discovery Cove

Orlando - Discovery Cove

NIKON D70S, Nikon 18-200 VR

When we lived in Orlando a few years back our family came into town and wanted to visit Discovery Cove.  I must admit I really never knew anything about it.  I logged onto the web site DiscoveryCove.com and read up on it.  Looked great!  If you are planning to take a vacation to Orlando and love the theme parks – this one is wonderful!  We went in mid summer (which is best) – bring your swimsuit!  One of the most amazing things to do here is to swim with the dolphins.  I had never done this before and was not sure what to expect.  You walk into the dolphin pool (6 people at a time) with a trainer and they teach you about dolphins and one comes up to you and you get to touch and see one up close.  Then after 30 minutes – each person takes a turn and you get to ride a dolphin!  Hold on tight to his dorsal fin and he gives you a ride for about 40 yards!   Unreal!!!   They have photographers and videographers there to document it all and you can purchase the pics/vids afterwards.  FUN!  (If I can recall its best to make a reservation for your visit – check the site for rates)

But that is not all…not only is the park not too full (they limit the park to only 1000 people per day) – its easy to grab food anytime and its delicious!  Then you can hit various other parts of the park;  the sting ray pool – you walk in waste deep into the pool with the rays swimming around your feet (very sureal), Explorer’s Aviary (some beautiful birds), tropical reef (grab a snorkel and swim with tons of fish all around), Wind-Away River (float through a winding river and enjoy the scenery) and Serenity Pool (a freshwater pool with a little beach).

It was a great experience that I will never forget!  I’ll post a few pics from here again in the future.  We arrived at 9 Am and left around 4 PM – a perfect day!  Hope you have a chance to visit one day!

One comment on “Orlando, FL – Discovery Cove

  1. Ted says:

    They say that humans and the dolphins are two of the most intelligent creatures on this planet.
    The brain of an adult bottlenose dolphin measures over 1,600 cc, versus the average adult human brain of about 1,450 cc.
    They have complex languages, social structures
    Much like us dolphins have self awareness.
    Dolphins have been known to save human lives, while humans are known for destroying them.
    We poison their environment, they do not harm ours.
    We capture them and put them in cement fish tanks for display, while they are more than willing to swim with us in the open sea.

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