iPhone 02iPhone + High Dynamic Range = iPhoneHDR    Do you own an iPhone/iPod Touch and want some free high quality backgrounds/wallpapers?  Talke Photography has submitted 13  HDR photos for use on iPhoneHDR.com!  You can download any of my submitted HDR’s right now!  File size is only 480×320 (small enough not to take up much space on your iPhone/iPod Touch).   iPhoneHDR offers over 5 catagories to choose from and over 100+ different wallpapers!   All wallpapers are completely free and for personal use only.  

It is a great pleasure to work with iPhoneHDR!  Check out their web site by clicking here  iPhoneHDR.com  On the left you can see how my HDR of Times Square looks as a wallpaper.  To find my HDR’s – on the home page click on the “Submitted” header up top!  Look for the Talke Photography photos.   Open up the photo – right click – and save the file on to your computer.  Its that easy!  Check back for frequent content updates on iPhone HDR!   I may submit more HDR’s in the future! 

You can also follow iPhoneHDR on Twitter!   And dont forget Talke Photography is also on Facebook and Twitter (Links are to the right on the home page to join)!    Enjoy!

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