HDR Tutorial Update

Thanks so much to everyone visitng my blog!  It is growing fast!!!   Just about 3 months old and nearly 15K hits!  I appreciate all of your comments and feedback!   As I have noted in the past posts – HDR seems to be the most searched item on this blog and even my standard website.   As thanks I will be posting an HDR tutorial soon (my methods and thoughts)!  I have begun working on it and will post it here on my blog and also will have copy to email as a PDF.   If anyone wants an early copy (be my guinea pig) on how it looks – please send me an email at ptalke@talkephotography.com.   I would like some feedback before I post it.  I hope to have a prelimary copy ready by next Monday.   Post date for the tutorial on this blog is estimated June 1st!

The second most searched subject is IR Photography!  Check back in a few months…I will post an IR Tutorial as well!   Maybe I should write a guide book for HDR and IR???  Hmmm…food for thought!  Have fun!

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