San Francisco, CA – Broadway Pier (Infrared)

SF Broadway Pier IR

NIKON D70S (Modified IR by LifePixel), Nikon 18-70, Color Efex Pro 3.0

Now back to the photos!  I am trying all kinds of stuff with IR photography.  Just like standard photos, IR offers an infinite amount of post processing options. ..but only a select few look ok.  With this shot I worked up my standard settings for IR and liked the picture alot.  The normal IR version is also on my website under the IR section – click here to see it Talke Photography.   But sometimes I like to try different filters.  I can do that thanks to Color Efex Pro 3.0!  The whole bunch of NIK Software products are my favs!   I use them all!   I found this filter gave the shot a very different feel.   The Transamerica building with the odd sky in the background is my fav part!   Then the shimmer of light on the bay – post processing can be lots of fun!    I am heading to London, Brussels, Munich and Paris soon – so it will be my first IR shots in Europe!  Cant wait!   If you are thinking about IR photography as an option – go for it!  Its wonderful!!!!   The LifePixel site link is noted above!   Have fun!

HDR Tutorial Update

Thanks so much to everyone visitng my blog!  It is growing fast!!!   Just about 3 months old and nearly 15K hits!  I appreciate all of your comments and feedback!   As I have noted in the past posts – HDR seems to be the most searched item on this blog and even my standard website.   As thanks I will be posting an HDR tutorial soon (my methods and thoughts)!  I have begun working on it and will post it here on my blog and also will have copy to email as a PDF.   If anyone wants an early copy (be my guinea pig) on how it looks – please send me an email at   I would like some feedback before I post it.  I hope to have a prelimary copy ready by next Monday.   Post date for the tutorial on this blog is estimated June 1st!

The second most searched subject is IR Photography!  Check back in a few months…I will post an IR Tutorial as well!   Maybe I should write a guide book for HDR and IR???  Hmmm…food for thought!  Have fun!

iPhone 02iPhone + High Dynamic Range = iPhoneHDR    Do you own an iPhone/iPod Touch and want some free high quality backgrounds/wallpapers?  Talke Photography has submitted 13  HDR photos for use on!  You can download any of my submitted HDR’s right now!  File size is only 480×320 (small enough not to take up much space on your iPhone/iPod Touch).   iPhoneHDR offers over 5 catagories to choose from and over 100+ different wallpapers!   All wallpapers are completely free and for personal use only.  

It is a great pleasure to work with iPhoneHDR!  Check out their web site by clicking here  On the left you can see how my HDR of Times Square looks as a wallpaper.  To find my HDR’s – on the home page click on the “Submitted” header up top!  Look for the Talke Photography photos.   Open up the photo – right click – and save the file on to your computer.  Its that easy!  Check back for frequent content updates on iPhone HDR!   I may submit more HDR’s in the future! 

You can also follow iPhoneHDR on Twitter!   And dont forget Talke Photography is also on Facebook and Twitter (Links are to the right on the home page to join)!    Enjoy!