San Francisco, CA – Coit Tower (Infrared)

SF - Coit Tower IR

NIKON D70S (Modified IR by LifePixel), Nikon 18-70

Here is a picture from a few weeks ago in San Francisco of the Coit Tower.  Coit Tower was built atop Telegraph hill in 1933 by Lillie Coit.  Lillie had an affection to fire fighters and some believe the tower to resemble a fire hose nozzle.  The tower stands 210 feet high.  Up on Telegraqph Hills there are wonderful views of the city below.  You can see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge as you walk around the tower.  If you have a nice telephoto lens there is a great shot of the crooked Lombard street in the distance. There is not much parking up top and only one way up and down. …so try not to travel up the hill in peak traffic times.

I took lots of shots up on the hill.  Standard, HDR and a few IR shots.   I thought this angle with the trees and clouds would allow for a nice IR picture!  Hope you enjoy!

4 comments on “San Francisco, CA – Coit Tower (Infrared)

  1. Wonk says:

    Great shot, I do so have a bit of a soft spot for SF and always enjoy the pictures you post from there – I’d love to get back there myself one day!

    I did visit Coit Tower during my stay – I remember it well because I walked up Telegraph Hill rather than drove…and I was very glad to finally reach the top I can tell you, phew, it’s quite the climb!

    Like you say though, it does give fantastic views of the city so was WELL worth it.

    • Thanks! You walked up Telegraph Hill? Whew! Kudos! So steep! That is one great work out! SF is becoming one of my fav cities in the US. One of my next SF trips…I plan to take a bus day tour from SF to Yosemite! A dream for me to go there. I still have a big list of sights in SF to photograph! I’ll be back in August. Looking forward to it!

  2. Wonk says:

    Yup, I generally always like to explore on foot if it’s practical – it’s amazing what things you stumble upon as a result. That said if I found myself in the position in future I’m not sure I’d do it again 😉

    You’re making me jealous about Yosemite though! If I do ever get back that way that would certainly be high up on my to do list too.

    • I try also to do alot on foot…but walking a ton and carrying lots of camera equipment gets tough after a while! LOL Hope it my first trip to Yosemite of many more to come! I’ll take the tour first, then my next visit I’ll travel in on my own. If you can familiarize yourself with a location, your pics turn out much better! =)

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