Paris, France – Louvre HDR

Paris Louvre HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

Its tough to stop my HDR run these days.   HDR photos are very addicting!  Its almost like a kid in a candy store.  You take the shots one day not knowing what you have and then a few days later when you are in the middle of post processing the anticpation grows.  You are not sure how the photo will turn out?  Then after you hit the tone mapping button the processed HDR is complete.  I really enjoy seeing the completed photo and often say to myself…how is this possible? 

Most HDR’s need some touching up in Photoshop afterwards.  I typically use an addtional plug-in for noise reduction and sharpening.  I’ll get into this on my tutorial is a week or so.  I’ll begin working on it this week.  I think I will type it as a document and save it as a PDF so that if you want a copy – I will gladly email it to you.  

This shot is from the Louvre in Paris.  Not your typical shot with the glass pyramid included.  I really like these lamp posts and the angular view you have from certain locations.  Normally mid afternoon HDR’s do not come out great…this one is solid.  The key to HDR’s is light and shadows.  But due to the architecture style of the building it created a nice clean look in HDR.  5 exposures with a tripod and cable release for this shot.   Hope you Louvre this shot!