REVIEW: UPstrap – camera strap


Every once in a while I will post a review on products that recently purchased and think are great!   Every week I watch D-Town TV Podcast (for Nikon DSLR users) with Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski.  They always have great tips.  Recently Matt noted a great strap he uses called the UPstrap.  I checked out the site – you can click UPstrap and it will take you there.  I had  an Optech strap that was ok, but always felt I needed something a little better.   I read about how the UPstrap has a patented non-slip all surface pad.  We all place our cameras on our shoulders and hope they never slip off.  I thought this might be perfect!   On the site they have different versions/prices – so you can choose what you prefer.  I purchased the SLR-Quick Release-QR for $55.00.   I wanted the quick release for the times I mount my camera on a tripod and dont want the straps to hang down.  Another great thing about this strap is that you can sling it over your body at a 45 degree angle and it feels very secure!  You camera then hugs your hip.   Kudos to UPstrap!   A fantastic strap!!!   Some upcoming reviews I will have are for NIK Software Color Efex Pro 3.0 (I have been using as of late in my posts) and I have just ordered my first aluminum print from a place called Image Wizards. They say it is your photographs printed in high-def!  Should get it in the first week of June.  I’ll let ya know how it looks!  

Vienna, Austria – Pallas Athene Fountain

Vienna, Austria

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

Vienna (Wein) has a population of 1.6 million and covers an area of 160 square miles.   The River Danube flows through it and the Danube canal flows through the city center.  Vienna is the capital of Austria. It is located closely to  Czech Republic, Budapest, Salzburg and Munich.   I travel into Vienna every year for business and take a train into the middle of the Czech Republic.   I stay a few nights and travel back and forth daily to the different locations mentioned above and use Vienna as my home base.

I really love Vienna.  It is a small city and the major attractions are located around the Ringstrasse (4 km long)   If you stay at a hotel on the Ringstrasse, there are local trains that circle around non-stop.   To sight see all you need to do is hop on the train and get off any stop you like!  The food is great and the people are wonderful.  You can even walk around the entire Ringstrasse if you like.  I have come close!   My feet were hurting!   If you fly into Vienna, there is a train that takes you directly to the city center at the airport.   Takes only 15 minutes and costs roughly 12 Euro. 

Some wonderful places to see in Vienna are Hofburg, Karlskirche, Prater,Spanish Riding School, Opera House,  St. Stephen’s Cathedral and much more!   Near Hofburg there is a great closed street shopping area.  There you can find a shop called Mostly Mozart!  Vienna is where Mozart lived and composed many of his great opera’s!   If you visit, I am not sure you will hear the song… “Rock Me Amedeus”.