Pittsburgh, PA – Jason Bay – Pirates

Jason Bay - Pirates

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, Photoshop CS4

As it is baseball season, here is a post of a traditional style shot with a little touch of photoshop.   I am a big Pittsburgh Pirates fan and at the time when he was on the team – Jason Bay (photo above) was my favorite player.  He has now been traded to the Boston Red Sox and is playing wonderfully.   I realize that some of you are not sports fans, but this style can be used for any kind of shot!

Its very easy!  A simple way to do this method (beyond layers – which I do not like, etc..) is to open the photo in photoshop.  Use the “quick selction” tool.  Highlight the area you want to keep in color. Zoom in to get the tough areas.  Once you feel as though the subject is well selected – go to “select” then under header is “invverse”.  Click on Inverse.  This will highlight all that is around your chosen subject.  Then under the header “image” choose “adjustments” and then click “black & white”.  Thats it!  You can then save the photo.  Re-open it and touch up if necessary.  Simple!  Give it a try with your kids sports photos ro just about anything! 

I try to get to a baseball game in Pittsburgh every year.  I will try this year to rent the Nikon 70-200 lens for the game.  This shot was not bad for the 18-200 VR that I used.  It was taken right above the dugout.  Also I am eager to try my first baseball stadium HDR’s!   PNC Park is one of the best baseball stadiums in MLB.  I enjoy Pittsburgh – I will tell you more about this cute little city later this summer.  Hope this shot is a home run!