San Francisco, CA – Stow Lake – HDR

Stow Lake - HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

This photo is from Stow Lake in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  In my earlier post I stated it was my first visit to the park.  I wanted to see the Japanese Tea Garden and also get this picture of the Roman Bridge.  Golden Gate Park is extremely large!  A park built for everyone.  There is a flower conservatory, golf clubhouse, soccer fields, horse stables, the Japanese Tea Garden, skate area, raquetball courts, botanical garden, tennis, picnic areas – basically everything!  A great spot for the people living in the city to have their own oasis close to home.

Stow lake is a cute little lake that is basically moat like.  In the middle of the lake is a small hill.  There are paths on the inside and outside of the lake for people to either walk or run.  On either side of the lake is a bridge to the hill in the middle.  One bridge is this Roman Bridge. It is so beautiful to walk by and see the reflection of the bridge in the water.   The lake is home to many birds, ducks and turtles.  I even walked only a few feet away from 3 mothers and their little ducklings.  There were about 12 of these little ones.  Wonderful to witness.   I set this shot up with my tripod, cable release and 5 exposures.  The HDR process brought out the nice color of the bridge. If you have time to relax, Golden Gate Park is the place to go in San Fran!