San Francisco, CA – Golden Gate Bridge

San fran - Golden Gate Bridge

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

Here is a normal shot of the Golden Gate Bridge!  No post processing!  I have been trying to locate great spots for the GGB – I think this is the best!   I have been on the lookout area by the toll, Baker’s Beach, on the hill overlooking Baker’s Beach…but this spot is my favorite!  Its called Fort Point.  As you drive up to the toll for the GGB, the last right before the toll is the lookout area (all tour buses stop here).  If you drive down the hill and make a left – you head right toward Fort Point (sign posted).  

There is a rocky beach that overlooks the GGB.  I carefully climbed down the rocks and set up on the beach.  I only had about 20 feet of beach to work with and had to watch the waves.   Just looks lovely with the rocks and waves splashing!  Plus you get a full view of the bridge.  There were actually some guys surfing right next to the Fort.  It was quiet down here during the day as not many people venture dow the hill.  But I’d suggest you do for this great angle!    I wanted to come back here at nite, but didnt have time.  I think the sun sets beyond the bridge.  One day I’ll take that shot!   Iused my tripod for this shot and standard settings.  Soon I will work on my HDR’s.  Hope to have them posted in a day or so.

4 comments on “San Francisco, CA – Golden Gate Bridge

  1. wonk says:

    Super shot!

    I went to SF a few years back now. We hopped on the bus and walked back across it and was one of my favorite things of the whole trip – your picture brings back some good memories for me 🙂

    • I walked to the first section of the bridge this day also! I really enjoy visitng SF! Especially when its sunny! I have a big customer near and get to visit every 8-10 weeks. The wharf is my favorite. Boudin has some wonderful chowder. We went to a Giants game that Monday nite…and it was cold!!! I visited Golden Gate Park for the first time the other day….think I got some good pics? Post em soon. Glad you enjoy the shots!

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