San Francisco, CA – Golden Gate Bridge – Infrared


SF - GGB Infrared B&W

NIKON D70S (Modfied IR – LifePixel), Nikon 18-70

Here is my first Infrared Black & White shot.  This is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran.  I will have lots of pictures from here in the next week or so as I get through them.  I have standard shots, HDR’s and a few IR pics.  I was lucky enough to have a mostly clear day and I found a great spot to take these pics!  I’ll post more details on San Francisco in my next few photo posts.  I do prefer the IR shots to have color, but a B&W looks decent as well!!  I was happy to see these IR pics of the bridge came out solid.   I used a couple new items on my trip as well – a Think Tank Modular camera pack and a new strap for my D300.  Both items were great!   I write up details in the next few SF posts.

2 comments on “San Francisco, CA – Golden Gate Bridge – Infrared


    I’ve dabbled in IR for the past year but I still have no idea how I can get the “blue trees” or other colored objects in the photo. My Fuji shoots a reddish pic and then I convert to BW. Can you help me. I do have PSE7.

    • Don,
      Hiya! Its easy. Hope you have photoshop. All IR photos will be reddish to start with. Did you set a custom white balance before you took your pics? I use a picture of grass I took on my modifired camera then note this picture as my WB preset. Once you get your picture in Photoshop – 1. under IMAGE < ADJUSTMENTS < AUTO LEVELS…I clik on that to set the black correctly, then 2. under IMAGE < ADJUSTMENTS < CHANNEL MIXER I alternate the RED & BLUE channels. Go to LifePixel and they have a nice tutorial… Then you should be on your way! Just remember…the custom WB is the key to success in IR shots. If it is not set properly, the pics may not look great after post processing. Let me know how you make out. Good luck! Pete

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