Las Vegas, Nevada – Mirage HDR

Las Vegas - Mirage HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

Here is another HDR from Vegas.  Viva Las HDR!  Vegas is the land of the HDR possibilites.   So many choices down one little strip.   I took this one hand held just walking up the entrance to the Mirage with 5 exposures and used Photomatix.   If you have not been to Vegas….add it to your list.  Tons to do and lots to see!  We always fly in to Vegas and drive to SoCal.   Its only 4 hours to Los Angeles, CA.    You can even take a tour to the Grand Canyon from Vegas.  Never been…maybe one day? 

I just came back from San Francisco, hope to post some pics in a day or so.  I tried IR pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I’ll work on them soon.  Hope they came out ok?   Photography is the best!  So many options we have these days – HDR, IR, Plug ins for Photoshop.   Not sure what is my favorite?  I now take equal amounts of HDR and IR shots.   Always remember in photography….  its not about what you see, its how you see it.

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