Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, CO - Flood

Photoshop – Flood plug-in

Here is the picture below from Boulder of the Flatirons modified with the “Flood” plug -in.  You can see I added an artificial lake!  And it was easy!  I think you can go crazy with any plug-in – just keep yourself in check.  The options you can make are never ending!   For this plug-in visit Flaming Pear.     Have fun with your reflections!

Boulder, Colorado – Flatirons

Boulder, Co

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

Boulder, Colorado is such a beuatiful place.  Here is a picture of the Flatirons from a distance.  Driving into Boulder from Denver is breathtaking.  The mountains are amazing!  I enojy traveling to Boulder once every year and take a few hours to grab some shots.    This year I hope to get to Mirror Lake.  It about 50 mins north west of Boulder.  Looks like a great area for photographs.   Boulder is a cute little college town (University of Boulder).  You can drive to the Flatirons in 10 minutes.  There are trails you can hike and view the scenery.  There a lots of great places in the US to photograph – Colorado is in the top 5.  So many palces to visit.  Rocky Mountains, Aspen, Denver, Boulder, etc…   Anytime of year will be ok!     And if you remember the scary movie the Shinning…..Estes Park from Boulder its about 40 miles away!  There you can visit the Stanley Hotel.  Maybe I’ll head up there and get an HDR later this year??   I created a Mirror Lake above with the pug in Flood.  Have fun!