Texas Wildflowers – Painted Blanket

Painted Blanket

NIKON D300, Nikon 105 VR, Photoshop

As Texas Wildflower season is coming to a close soon I wanted to post a picture of my favorite flower – Painted Balnkets.  Here in Texas we sometimes have roadsides filled with these.  From a far they look nice, but up close they are beautiful!  I took a close up shot of this Painted Blanket and blacked out the backgournd in Photoshop.  Then I used a plug-in called Flood.  You can find it at Flaming Pear.  This plug-in is fun.  You can instantly  put anyone or anything in a lake!  I tried a mountain landscape shot I had and it came out great – with a new lake reflection added!  I’ll post it tomorrow. You can also download a trial of this software.  Give it a try if your inner artist will alow – enjoy!

5 comments on “Texas Wildflowers – Painted Blanket

  1. Great touch! I just shot some painted blankets and am in the process of workign them through my process. Nice work on your blog!

    • Jason, thanks! Flood is a cool plug-in! My plan in the future is to take the white flowers that are bell-upward shaped with a point tip (not a flower expert…so I dont know its name) with a black background. Turn the flower so the tip is facing downward and use the tip as the begining of the flood reflection! So its like touching the water causing the waves. Now that would be great! Glad you enjoy my blog! Have fun with your painted blankets! Process away!!!

  2. photolover says:

    I recently saw an interesting technique similar to the Flood. Could this have been done with this Flood plug-in?

  3. I checked it out…sorry for the delay…not sure if it is Flood. Looks like a photoshop touch up. Flood seems smooth…this looks like a few layers. Pretty cool though!

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