Orlando, Florida – Great Egret

Orlando, Florida - Great Egret

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

This is another picture from Gatorland (see my post below).  I am getting to go through my pictures and found some cool shots.  Here is a mother Great Egret taking care of her eggs and nest.  It was amazing how close you can get to these magificient birds at Gatorland.  They feel safe when people were around as they are left alone…even if they are arms reach away.  Great stuff!  Once I get a bigger lens…I am all for “birding” again.   The 18-200 VR was solid…but I wish I could get closer shots!   Most birding photographers will use a 70-200/200-400/600mm lens.    Wow!  I would love to have that Nikon 200-400mm or the Nikon 600mm!   We can all have a dream!  I’ll post one more bird shot tomorrow.   Enjoy relaxing at your nest!