Bastrop, Texas

Bastrop, Texas

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

This picture was taken this past weekend at the Bastrop State Park in Texas.  Since we really couldnt find any wildflowers in Austin – we heard there was a bunch on the road toward Houston.  Houston is about a 3 hour drive from Austin.  An easy drive – Route 71 for 2 hours and then Route 10 for one hour.  We heard they were in Bastrop (1 hour from Austin).  So we took a road trip!  We arrived in Bastrop…nothing.  I noted a state park on the way and thought if we had time on the way back – we would drive through.  In another 30 mins we arrived in Le Grange (ZZ Top made famous).  The roadside in Le Grange had bunches of flowers!  Finally!  We found a safe spot on an off side road and took some pics with our little one sitting in the bunches of blue bonnets!   We saw tons of Blue Bonnets, Indian Paint Brushes and Indian Blankets.  Indian Blankets are my favorite WildFlower.  I was happy to see them for the first time this year!

So with the goal achieved we drove home and as we arrived into Bastrop…I remembered to stop in the state park.  We had a free 30 minute pass. Typically $4/person to get in.  So we drove for a quick one and I saw this beautiful view with the fern ground cover.  I thought…a nice green screensaver!   I pulled over the car and walked about 10 feet into the brush and snapped away hand held.   Then it was time to hand our park pass in and head home.

Its always fun to take road trips!  Dont forget there is beauty all around….no matter where you live!  Take a local adventure…you may find some great new sights to see!