Austin, Texas – IR (Infrared)

Austin, Texas IR

NIKON D70S  (Modified Infrared – LifePixel), Nikon 18-70, Photoshop

We went out to the Wildflower Center today.  Kinda sad.  As we have been in near drought situation the last few months….the amount of flowers is way down.  Even at the WildFlower center.   We had lots of rain last year.  So comparing the flowers at the same time – I’d say there are about 1/20 the amount!   Slim pickings!  I got a few shots.  But I am glad now to always carry 2 cameras around my neck!  Its tough…especially today – it was 96 degrees here in Texas!  Wow!   I brought Gatorade – my little one drank it all.    So I carried my usual Nikon D300 with the 105 macro today and my modified D70S IR.  It is nice to have options! 

We walked around the center and went down a path to the fields.  I saw this big tree sitting out in the open with some cactii hanging around it.  The reason I wanted to take this shot in IR – the nice puffy clouds in the background.  I was curious to see how the IR with such clouds looked.  After post processing this in CS3…I htought it looked pretty cool.  I played with the hues to get the goldish color in the sky, then added a diffuse glow to give the white a little kick.   Thats what is great about IR shots – you can have fun! 

I am really enjoying this camera!   And to think – this old D70S was just sitting in a camera bag collecting dust!   Thanks to Life Pixel – the change indeed has given it life!   I am sure there are great IR photography artists out there.  If any of you see a website that may be of interest – post it in the comments.    Hope you are enjoying the IR pictures!