Latest News!

Photomatix Logo As I noted a few weeks back I am honored to have 7 of my photos now included in the Photomatix “Users Gallery” section on the HDRSoft website (mfg’er of Photomatix).  Click here to visit my online gallery.  If you are intested in HDR, Photomatix is the leader in post processing your exposures to produce great HDR’s!  On the right side of my blog you can find a link to HDRSoft and dont forget to use the coupon code (Places2Explore) for an additonal 15% off! 

B&H Photo Logo I am also now proud to annouce an affiliation with B&H Photo!  If you are looking for camera gear, B&H is the best shop online!   They offer great prices and wonderful service!  I recently went to the super store in New York City and spent hours there!   Visit them online as well for all your needs!  I will now begin to link all of my gear directly to the B&H store so you can easily access details and pricing on any items you may want to check out!  Click on the logo to the left to get to the home page of B&H.   As for future reference…if you see any gear in bold orange – that is a link and it will take you to the online store – direct product page!  Example:   Nikon D300 (takes you right to the Nikon D300 product page).  Have fun shopping! 

Life Pixel Logo

 I am also now affiliated with Life Pixel as well!  So now you can feel free to click on any bold orange link when I post an infrared photo or information.  Example:  Life Pixel Modfied IR    This will take you directly to the Life Pixel website.   There you can find information and details on IR Photos!  Of course you can always email me for any extra scoops!  I am here to help.  You can click the logo to the left to take you to their site or you can also click the link on the right of my blog in the “Links” section.   I love IR Photography!  Good luck and have fun if you decide to join the club!


PhotoBlog Awards Logo

 Places 2 Explore is also nominated for the PhotoBlogAwards 2009!  Click the logo on the left to vote if you would like to!  Thanks!


How is this for a day of news!  Whew!  Fun exciting stuff!  I’ll be adding a new photo tomorrow…until then – enjoy!

2 comments on “Latest News!

  1. Rob says:


    I have a Nikon D60 that I like to convert to Ir. by Life Pixel.If you don’t mind telling me which conversion you have for your D70.

    Thank you;

    • Rob, hello! I used the enhanced color….total cost was $395.00. Dont forget the most important thing to do after you get your completed camera is to set the WB to grass. Then your colors are proper! If ya get it done…email me a test picture. I woul be glad to tell you if your settings are good! Have fun with it! I love my IR converted camera. The stats for my blog show IR as the most searched for item. Its popularity is growing fast! Enjoy!

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