Key West, Florida

Key West, FL

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

As spring is arriving and nice weather will begin – why not post a nice summer picture!!   We had a nite here in Austin on Saturday that was 81 degrees at 8:30 PM.  Ah…reminded me of summer!  I cannot wait!  We used to live in Orlando, FL and every year we would drive down to Key West.  Key West is the most southern part of the US.  From Orlando its about 7 hours drive.  Easy criuse down the FLA Turnpike.  Once you get to the Key’s you immediately see the fantastic light blue shimmering ocean.  Driving over the long stretches of bridges between the islands is sureal!

Key West is not a place to stay for a week.  Its small so just a day or two is all that is needed.  Then you can head north (3 hour drive) to Miami!  But Key West is fun and a lovely place to visit.  Everyone is laid back and enjoying life.  We went down one year and rented scooters to drive around…that was great!  But the best part of Key West were the sunsets!  Go to Mallory Square at the right time (it will be crowded) and it will not disappoint.  Breathtaking!

I took this shot the morning we were leaving.  We stopped at the beach – it was about 8 AM.   All was quiet.  A perfect time to take a shot of the local Palm Trees.  I have this shot framed in my office.  Whenever I need to think about a beach…I look a this shot.  Remember…  Life is a Beach!