Fredricksburg, Texas – Butterfly

Butterfly Fredricksburg

NIKON D300, Nikon 105 VR

Here is a picture I took at the Wildseed Farm – Butterfly Haus in Fredricksburg. It is fun to walk inside such a house filled with Butterflies fluttering all over.  Still with all their buddies around they still get skittish around people.  You try to get get close and they fly away.  Makes it fun!  There was one type of butterfly I had never seen before….the assistant at the house called it the Postman.  It was red and black.   She said its called the Postman as it follows the same route everyday!  This little guy was so elusive!  I think his route was to avoid my camera!  I tired for 20 mins to get his pic and I finally did and it just came out ok.  

This brought me to think where did the name butterfly came from?   It seems there are many possible origins and no set definative answer.  I found this on the net…One common yet erroneous explanation for this word’s origin is that it comes from flutterby. What we do know, instead, is that this word is very old (pre-8th century). It was originally buturfliog, a compound of butere “butter” and fleoge “fly”. Why butter? Some suggest that it was due to many butterflies being yellow in color, like butter. Others believe it is based upon the yellow excrement of butterflies. Still others hold to the notion that butterflies were thought to land in kitchens and drink milk or butter left uncovered (this, interestingly, is supported by a German word for butterfly, milchdieb “milk-thief”).

Taking pictures of butterflies is not easy.  The picture is of a Monarch Butterfly.  I did this shot hand held.  But I’d suggest a monopod if possible.  Out of all the pics I took (50) about 5 came out decent.  Dont forget to use your macro lens.  Its fun to get close up shots….if you do  – focus on the eyes – that will give you your best picture.  But I have learned that taking shots a little further away gives you a more pleasing view for your eye.   Also it wont scare the butterfly as much as well!  Have fun and cover your milk!